Crime Report May

The monthly report received from the local safer neighbourhood team.

Crime Report May: Breaston

39 recorded incidents resulting in 14 recorded crimes and 5 Non-crime related incidents

3– Violence related

5- Stalking/Harassment

2– Theft

1- Burglary

2- Criminal Damage

1- Public Disorder

Incidents of note:

1 x Theft from Person

27/04 Derby Road

1 x Burglary

22/05 Main Street

1 x Criminal Damage

08/05 Longmoor Lane

1 x Public Disorder

04/05 The Crescent

Notes from PCSO

I hope everyone got a chance to take advantage of the nice weather while we had it, especially since the rain came back in full force not long after. The good weather did unfortunately bring with it the usual ASB and nuisance kids causing trouble. We have been attending the cemetery and old school site due to the increase in calls about youths hanging about which is trespassing. While trespassing is not a criminal matter we will still attend if it is reported to us. In good news however we have identified some of the youths involved and are in the process of dealing with them and their parents with ASB letters and such, I understand it is not much, but it is at least a start. Fingers crossed that this will at least discourage some of them from reoffending and if not we will be taking it further.

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