Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Council

  • Cllr Wrigglesworth (Chairman)
  • Cllr Fisher (Vice Chairman)

Parks and Cemeteries Committee

  • Cllr Rowlinson (Chairman)
  • Cllr Miller (Vice Chairman)
  • Cllr McCaig
  • Cllr Mounsey
  • Cllr Stenson
  • Cllr Beeching

Highways and Lighting Committee

  • Cllr Fisher (Chairman)
  • Cllr Beeching (Vice Chairman)
  • Cllr Parkinson
  • Cllr Elliot
  • Cllr Luke
  • Cllr Miller

Environment Committee

  • Cllr Elliott (Chairman)
  • Cllr Stenson (Vice Chairman)
  • Cllr Parkinson
  • Cllr Mills
  • Cllr Fisher
  • Cllr Luke

General Purpose Committee

  • Cllr Mounsey (Chairman)
  • Cllr Mills (Vice Chairman)
  • Cllr Rowlinson
  • Cllr Elliott
  • Cllr McCaig
  • Cllr Luke

Finance Committee

  • Cllr Luke (Chairman)
  • Cllr Mills (Vice Chairman)
Chairs of all committees are members of the Finance Committee also Cllrs representing Derbyshire County Council and Erewash Borough Council.

Normal Meeting Days

Full Council – 2nd Monday of the Month except August 7.15pm.
Highways & Lighting  Committee 8.45am Wednesday before Council meeting
General Purposes Committee 9.15am Wednesday before Council meeting
Parks & Cemeteries Committee 10.00am Wednesday before Council meeting
Environment Committee 9.00am on the Monday of Full Council meeting
Finance Committee as required

Agendas for forthcoming meetings and Minutes can be viewed from the Agendas and Minutes page.